Tammorra was formed in 1992 to spread a knowledge of the values of Sicilian and Southern Italian traditions. 

Later on the work of the band concentrated mainly on creating its own songs. The lyrics of these songs are in the Sicilian dialect and the music is the result of a very personal interpretation of the musical traditions of Southern Italy and of the Mediterranean, mixing this original inspiration with other musical genres.

The Tammorra's sound stands out for the group’s arrangements, with a rich range of rhythms and tones, using both traditional and contemporary instruments, and a polyphonic use of voices. 

The texts of their songs, using the metaphorical language of the Sicilian dialect, far from being linguistically abstruse enrich their capacity for communication; they are also a means of transmitting social commitment, love and rebellion, as well as contemporary themes common to all men and women.

Tammorra thinks that music expresses the soul of a people: how they feel about love, death, joy, pain, magic and life. As a trans-cultural and multi-faceted form of language, music mixes, transforms, assembles and draws different cultures closer together.

The band has performed in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Malaysia, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal, Austria publishing two CDs ‘Ballu Tunnu' and ‘Sali’ (Biber Records). Their music has been heard in some of the best-known theatres, festivals and clubs; it has also been selected for various compilations of world music, produced in various countries, and also used as background music for documentaries.

After literally having played thousands of concerts all over Europe and Asia until 2007, Massimo, Salvatore, Luca, Nicolò and Vittorio decided to go back on track in 2017 and make music together again publishing the album 'Tammorra - Anthology 1995 - 2017' produced by the french label Buda Musique.