Words : * Salvatore Meccio / ** Traditional

Music : Salvatore Meccio, Massimo Laguardia, Nicolò Terrasi, Luca Lo Bianco

Arrangement : Tammorra 

The poem tels what a man wishes to be in order to win the heart of his loved one.

** If I could only be the stone of the steps you tread you could rest here during the day

Were I only the crown of a love tree I would shade you from the sun

Were I only a star, if I were the moon and sun I would rest on your breast

Were I only a bird with a thousand colours I would settle on your head and sing


But Cola seems to be no more sensible 

* He is lost, Cola is lost, he must have his senses he is after a girl, he is driven by his blood and his passion

He smiles at her and talks at her as if he were a professor He tells of love and holds on to his glass


He is clever, Cola is clever he ploughs the land, he courts her to win her 

And in his field he plants a little piece of the moon and waters it with wine


He flatters her And plaits a braid of a thousand flowers around her heart

Wiggle your belly, swing your legs, shake your head, empty the glass


Cola is a fool too, the girl knows the game and pulls him along

She gives him a kiss and plays with him she gives him her garden in the wine-drunkenness and he hoes and he hoes and and exhausted he lies down in the morning.


Words : Salvatore Meccio

Music : Salvatore Meccio, Vittorio Catalano, Giampaolo Terranova

Arrangement : Tammorra 

Come, come everyone, come here

To watch the fight between devils and saints.


Peace and war are playing 'Morra'


Do you want to wear the yoke or not?

I choose to drudge and you, mind your own business.


Good times and bad times rule the thoughts to think or not to think

Oh, brain, leave me alone!


Life or death; the winner treats you

To an evening out with his new lover.



Words: Salvatore Meccio

Music : Salvatore Meccio, Vittorio Catalano, Luca Lo Bianco

Arrangement : Tammorra 

Giuvanni has dressed up like a fool

And found a little radio

And all the time he listens to the music coming from it


He walks the streets

And smile at everyone

Even the surly-looking passers-by


He counts the mosquitoes in the air

But when he stops he babbles and chatters

He says he is alone like a vagabond dog

But he is not a dog because he can talk


What a crowd!

What confusion!

He’s pissed in his pants. Shocking!


What’s so funny?

Leave him alone!

Can’t you see he’s a free man?

He’s allowed to do that


Words : Salvatore Meccio

Music : Salvatore Meccio, Vittorio Catalano, Massimo Laguardia

Arrangement : Tammorra


My life runs like a river

Flowing rapidly between stones, never stopping

And you, delicate breeze, you escort me 

You caress me with love

And awaken my senses dozing in the water depths


Like a tree, my soul oscillates

Hesitantly reaching towards the vast sky 

While you, powerful roots, keep me firmly set 

Like a nail in the ground

Give life to the love I nurture 

For this martyred world. 


I recognise the taste of the salted sea

I admire the lights of the starry sky

I like to touch the wheat fields 

And deeply breathe in the scented weeds 

That nature offers us.


My hands speak like a book

You can see everything they have touched

My dead skin is born again

Thousands of times, always stronger

Making me feel the sun and wind

And shiver with pleasure. 


Words : Salvatore Meccio

Music : Salvatore Meccio, Vittorio Catalano

Arrangement : Tammorra

And you, how are you? I feel lonely amidst my troubles

When shall we find time to talk about us? 


I would like to tell you, sincerely, the strength I need 

To talk about the earth and the sea, the sun and the stars  

Fire and sparks, and how we should love each other


But love is no idle talk

The love you must give me

Is made of caresses and heartbeats

Eyes gazing at each other

Eyes full of passion


I stayed awake all night to find these words:

“Oh what do you think –that we must die to nurture what is vain?”

I tell you: there is such rage my heart that I need all my strength 

Not to cut, strangle, poison or kill

Those who get on my nerves


But revenge is no reason

Reason implies talking

It is made of words and angry voices

Of eyes that want to pierce 

Of eyes that want to burn


And you, how are you? I feel lonely amidst my troubles

When shall we find time to talk about us? 


Testo : Salvatore Meccio

Musica : Salvatore Meccio, Vittorio Catalano, Nicolò Terrasi, Luca Lo Bianco 

Arrangiamento : Tammorra


Look how this hand moves,

Like a bat flying into the light


It has been held captive for years

And now wants to escape and jump on these strings


Now it can do wath it likes

And what do you let your hands do?


Hand meets hand to make music

Hand approaches hand to play


Hand meets hand when there’s a fight

Hand approaches hand to make love




Words : Salvatore Meccio

Music: Salvatore Meccio, Vittorio Catalano, Luca Lo Bianco, Nicolò Terrasi, Massimo Laguardia 

Arrangiamento : Tammorra

The background to these verses are the celebrations witch are held annually in honour of Rosalia, patron saint of Palermo : on 4th September a piligrimage starts off to Monte Pellegrino, a mountain close to the city, where there is a natural grotto with a statue of the saint.


Goodness, it’s so hot

It’s noon

What on earth am I doing here?

And yet this year I swore

I’d climb up here

On foot or on my knees?

Perhaps it’s better on my knees!

And when I get to the top

Nothing’s going to happen, I’m sure

And yet I’ii try…

A mistake to make this journey…

I’m turning back!


All alone I climbed Monte Pellegrino

Barefoot and on my knees

Breathless in the full sun

My tongue hanging out

And sweating I plodded on


My grandmother told me

If you suffer during a pilgrimage

She will grant all your wishes

She is good and merciful

But you must walk up the path right to the end


Courage, courage, Turi 1

It can change your life

If you want, just have courage

Pain and sweat

Will be richly rewarded

I reached the end half-dead

In the grotto I collapsed

Strengthless, speechless I lay there

Then all at once I heard a voice:


«Turi ! You bear his name

why do you want to carry his cross too?

do you think that if you injure your knees

every five jears you’ll be safe from harm?


Stand up and go

now is not the time to ask favours

if you want to change anything

then don’t listen to your grandmother

go and get your motorbike

and when you return write a song for me

sing, sing, Turi and your worries will disappear»


I shall eat chick peas, pumpkin seeds and snails 2

For the festival of my saint

I shall watch the fireworks over the sea

And shout out loud:

Viva Santa Rosalia,

She is alive my saint

Viva Santa Rosalia! 


1 Abbreviation of Salvatore, meaning « Saviour », a common name in southern Italy.

2 Foods traditionally eaten during the festival.